@didierdrogba: Thank you to @AshColey3, @Romelu.Lukaku10 and @E_Adebayor for my nomination, I nominate Bono @U2 Official, @50Cent, Eva Carneiro and Jose Mourinho #IceBucketChallenge

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@cescf4bregas: Thank you @3gerardpique @andreschuerrle and @josefajram for the #ALSicebucketchallenge I now nominate Thierry Henry @davidvilla and @oscar_emboaba You guys have 24h to complete! Goodluck!!!!! 😛

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#ALSicebucketchallenge - Chelsea FC Players// Part 1.

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Eden Hazard + flower crowns

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Mikel, Didi & Petr - 18.08.2014

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In what position will Chelsea finish this season?


In what position will Chelsea finish this season?

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"Petr Cech was disappointed but football is sometimes like this, players can often be unhappy and be unhappy with managers. But between the group of players and their mates they have to be supportive. I hope he doesn’t want to go and I hope he doesn’t have offers to go and if he does have offers he refuses to go. I would be delighted to have two of the best goalkeepers in the world in my squad."
Jose Mourinho speaking about Petr Cech (via claireyg)

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